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the craziest story to why son killed his mother

Suburban housewife Laura Williams was murdered by a twisted predator, who dreamed that, through death, she would become his key to eternal life. That is the chilling conclusion of investigators, who have discovered bizarre new clues, that they say...

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Erythromelalgia A new foot disease causing skin to melt away

I got Erythromelalgia traveling over seas i would post more pictures of the disease foot but i dont want you guys throwing up your dinner my best advise on how to avoid catching Erythromelalgia is to avoid traveling and just staying home

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The strangest thing happen to me in the bathtub

the water cause my body to start disfiguring i was growing extra body parts im start to forget where my body start and end. I Went to many doctors to find out what was happening to me they to had no answers for me the picture you are looking at is...

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